2 Ingredient Magic Dough (and 12 recipes using it!) (2024)

This easy recipe for weight watchers 2 ingredient dough is MAGIC! Made with just self-rising flour and yogurt, it is perfect for pizzas, bagels, desserts, and more! Gluten-free, vegan, dairy-free.

Ever want to feel like a baker, without all the usual suspects? This versatile and simple 2 ingredient dough is your answer.

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What is 2 ingredient dough?

2 Ingredient dough is what the name suggests- A versatile and healthy dough made with just two ingredients-

  • Self-rising flour
  • Greek Yogurt

It originated several years ago when the weight watchers diet was extremely popular around the world. Not saying that the diet is no longer popular, but like many things, has involved incorporating other aspects of the food and nutrition world.

However, the 2 ingredient dough has remained a staple for both weight watchers followers and those who just want a healthy alternative to traditional doughs.

NOTE: Some recipes call for equal parts flour and yogurt, but through my trials and recipes, I’ve found that this does not yield the best dough possible, so my measurements are different!

Why choose 2 ingredient dough VS traditional dough?

The beauty of the 2 ingredient dough is that it requires no yeast, no fancy mixers or kitchen gadgets to make. It also requires NO resting time or leavening, making it the perfect foundation for many classic dishes and recipes.

It is most often used for pizza crusts, bagels, and flatbreads, but can also work very well for desserts.

How long to cook 2 ingredient dough

It depends on the recipe you are making, but generally, 2 ingredient dough takes around 17-20 minutes to cook.

For recipes that use smaller portions of the dough, for example, the bagels, the cooking time will be less. For recipes like the pizza dough, which uses the entire portion as one, it will take closer to 20 minutes.

2 Ingredient Magic Dough (and 12 recipes using it!) (2)

Frequently asked questions about 2 ingredient dough

Can I use cassava flour, almond flour or coconut flour instead of self-rising flour

No, you cannot substitute the self-rising flour for almond flour, coconut flour or cassava flour.

Using another flour will see the dough become extra sticky, and will not cook well at all. It also will take significantly longer to cook, and will lack the appropriate flavor.

Want a keto or low carb pizza dough? Try this low carb pizza crust recipe.

Can you use regular yogurt for 2 ingredient dough?

I don’t recommend using regular yogurt, also known as plain yogurt, for the dough. Plain yogurt is simply too thin to form a durable and fluffy dough. The most suitable yogurt is one that is naturally thick and tart, that holds its own against the flour.

The only yogurts that work well are-

  • Greek Yogurt– Non-fat, full-fat and reduced-fat varieties all work.
  • Coconut Yogurt– A vegan and dairy-free alternative, plain coconut yogurt is thick enough and has the appropriate texture to mix well into the self-rising flour. Please be wary though, as there as coconut flavored yogurts out there, which are NOT suitable.

What can I substitute the Yogurt with (that isn’t yogurt!)?

The only suitable substitutions to Greek or Coconut yogurt are the following-

  • Sour Cream- Has the most similar texture to Greek yogurt. You can use lactose-free or standard sour cream.
  • Quark- A European style cottage cheese, quark has an almost identical texture to Greek yogurt and works well. I recommend using the non-fat or low-fat variety, as it mixes better with the flour.

I don’t have self-rising flour. What do I do?

If you don’t have self-rising (self-raising) flour, you can make your own using this recipe.

Will 2 ingredient dough rise?

Thanks to the self-rising flour used, the 2 ingredient dough will rise beautifully.

Can you freeze 2 ingredient dough?

I don’t recommend freezing the 2 ingredient dough, as it does not defrost well.

While traditional doughs can be frozen, 2 ingredient dough generally comes out dry and crumbly once frozen.

You can prepare the dough for up to 4 hours prior to cooking it.

How long is 2 ingredient dough good for?

If you want to prepare your 2 ingredient dough in advance, you must do so no longer than 4 hours before cooking. Anything longer, and you’ll find the dough start to become sticky.

To use a pre-chilled dough (maximum 4 hours), be sure to add a tablespoon or two of flour onto the dough prior to preparing it in your preferred method.

Can I bake 2 ingredient dough in the air-fryer?

Yes. All 2-ingredient dough recipes work well in the air-fryer.

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What to make with 2 ingredient dough

Here are 12 amazing recipes using 2 ingredient weight watchers dough, including 2 ingredient dough desserts!

2 Ingredient Dough Bagels

2 Ingredient Magic Dough (and 12 recipes using it!) (4)

Pizza Dough

2 Ingredient Magic Dough (and 12 recipes using it!) (5)


2 Ingredient Magic Dough (and 12 recipes using it!) (6)

Garlic Bread Pizza

2 Ingredient Magic Dough (and 12 recipes using it!) (7)

Naan Bread

2 Ingredient Magic Dough (and 12 recipes using it!) (8)

Garlic Knots

2 Ingredient Magic Dough (and 12 recipes using it!) (9)

Soft Pretzels

2 Ingredient Magic Dough (and 12 recipes using it!) (10)

Cinnamon Rolls

2 Ingredient Magic Dough (and 12 recipes using it!) (11)

Cinnamon sugar Soft Pretzels

2 Ingredient Magic Dough (and 12 recipes using it!) (12)

Pop Tarts

2 Ingredient Magic Dough (and 12 recipes using it!) (13)

Blueberry Cinnamon Rolls

2 Ingredient Magic Dough (and 12 recipes using it!) (14)

Raspberry Sweet Rolls

2 Ingredient Magic Dough (and 12 recipes using it!) (15)

2 Ingredient Magic Dough (and 12 recipes using it!) (16)

2 Ingredient Magic Dough

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Easy 2 ingredient magic weight watchers dough made with just self-rising flour and yogurt! Easy, versatile and ready in less than 20 minutes!

Servings: 4 Servings

Prep: 1 minute min

Cook: 1 minute min

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  • 1 3/4 cups self-rising flour gluten-free, if necessary
  • 1 cup Greek or Coconut Yogurt * See notes


  • Sift your self-rising flour if it is clumpy.

  • In a large mixing bowl, combine your flour with yogurt and mix well. Using your hands, press into the dough and form a ball shape.

  • Use it now for one of the recipes in the post!


* Any kind of Greek Yogurt (non-fat, full-fat or reduced fat) or Coconut Yogurt (vegan and dairy-free).

Click here for recipe with 2 ingredient dough.


Serving: 1servingCalories: 227kcalCarbohydrates: 39gProtein: 12gFat: 1gSodium: 19mgPotassium: 125mgFiber: 1gCalcium: 63mgIron: 1mgNET CARBS: 38g

Course: Main Course

Cuisine: American

Author: Arman Liew

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2 Ingredient Magic Dough (and 12 recipes using it!) (2024)


How to make 2 ingredient cloud dough? ›

This easy no-cook dough requires just 2 ingredients: cornstarch and hair conditioner. Easy enough! Mix equal parts together in a bowl. There is no cooking required and students can get their hands messy while helping to make it.

Is 2 ingredient dough healthy? ›

Two-ingredient dough is packed with protein thanks to the yogurt, and is free of the preservatives and artificial ingredients found in many prebaked crusts and prepared doughs. Once blended, you can work with it immediately, too.

Why is my 2 ingredient dough so sticky? ›

Your dough can become sticky when you add too much water or the flour isn't suitable for the type of dough you are making.

How to make slime with conditioner and cornstarch? ›

Easy homemade slime activity that is similar to a fluffy slime, but with its own unique texture. Start with a bowl of cornstarch. Add an equal amount of hair conditioner and start mixing together. If the mixture is too wet, add more cornstarch.

Can you keep 2 ingredient dough in the fridge? ›

Can I make Two-Ingredient Dough ahead? Yes, you can make the dough ahead and refrigerate it in an airtight container for up to 2 days.

Why use yogurt in dough? ›

Adding milk to bread dough makes it looser and softer while using sour cream, yogurt, or buttermilk makes the dough tighter. The tightening effect is caused by acidity. Fermented dairy products have a lower pH than milk or water. Knowing this we can use it to our advantage.

Can you freeze 2 ingredient dough? ›

I've also used just sour cream and it turned out fine. It just won't be Weight Watcher friendly. Can 2-Ingredient Pizza Dough be frozen? Yes!

Why is my dough sticky if I keep adding flour? ›

Most often, the problem is too much water in the dough. Flour can be tricky, and factors like temperature, humidity, and altitude can affect how much water your flour absorbs. High humidity can cause the flour to start absorbing water before you even start mixing.

Why is my sourdough always sticky? ›

If you're using a young sourdough starter, there's always a chance that it's just not quite ready to bake with and will cause your dough to be too wet and sticky. Young sourdough starter lacks the established yeast colonies necessary to raise bread. Dough made with a young sourdough starter just won't develop.

Does oil make dough less sticky? ›

Rubbing a teaspoon of the neutral-flavored fat onto the countertop works just as well as flour does to minimize sticking, and the dough readily absorbs excess oil without any negative effect on its consistency when either raw or baked.

How to make playdough slime with only two ingredients? ›

This is a 2 ingredient slime, and you don't need any glue or borax for it. All you need is Play Doh and the lotion. You're just gonna slowly add in. the lotion to your Play Doh.

What are the ingredients of play dough recipe? ›

2 cups water 2 cups flour 1 cup salt 2 tbs cooking oil 4 tsp cream of tartar Food coloring (optional) Add food coloring to water it you wish to color the dough. Mix and heat until ingredients form a ball. Knead until smooth and store in airtight container.


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