7 Things To Know Before You Buy Gas at Sam's Club (2024)

For millions of Americans who have a Sam's Club membership, filling up at Sam's Club can be a sweet way to save. But buying gas at Sam's Club isn't necessarily the same as going to your local gas station.

Before getting your Sam's Club membership you might have some questions about Sam's Club gas.

Whether you're wondering what Sam's Club gas hours are, how to check prices before going to Sam's Club or just wanting to get a feel for Sam's Club Gas before going this post will help.

Many Sam's Club shoppers take advantage of Sam's Club gas as it can be a nice savings when you fill up at Sam's Club gas station regularly, Sam's Club gas prices are somewhere between 10-20% cheaper than normal gas station prices in most towns so the savings can be really great for those who go often.

Whether you're a new member to Sam's Club or just looking for specific questions like gas station hours, gas price or whether you can buy gas without having a membership, this post will give you the rundown.

Sam's Club Gas Hours

While the hours for Sam's Club gas stations are pretty standard, you'll want to check your store hours here to see what your local stores hours are, here are the standard hours for most Sam's Club gas stations:


1. Check Sam's Club gas prices before you go

With Sam's Club you can go right online to check gas prices before you leave.

To find Sam's Club Gas prices before you leave your home use an app like GasBuddy that let's you check the Sam's Club gas price before you go. If the price is less than your local gas station, it might be a good idea to go with Sam's Club, otherwise you're best off going with the cheaper option.

While Sam's Club used to show gas prices online, now you'll need an app to do so. I usually just check the GasBuddy app to do a quick comparison and it's saved me a ton since it lets me compare different stations.

GasBuddy is available on both Apple and Android and is the easiest way to check the price of gas at Sam's Club. On average you'll save 10 cents per gallon when compared to nearby gas stations!

2. Know when your station opens and closes

You'll want to know when your Sam's Club gas station opens and closes. For the most part, Sam's Club gas hours are the standard fuel center hours which his Monday to Saturday 6am to 9pm and Sunday 9am to 7pm.

My advice? Avoid filling up on the weekends unless you have to. You'll find the busiest days at Sam's Club Gas is on weekends so the more you're filling up on weekdays, the better off you'll be.

Check when you local Sam's Club gas station open and closes here.

3. Have your membership card handy

Have your Sam's Club card ready when you get to your Sam's Club. Remember, Sam's Club gas stations are for members only so you'll need to insert your membership card when you're buying gas at Sam's Club.

A question that gets asked also is about Sam's Club gift cards and if they'll work if you're not a member. For those wondering if you can use Sam's Club gift cards at Sam's Club gas, unfortunately they won't allow it.

If you have any questions about this, you can read the full policy here.

4. Pick a pump and keep it moving

If you don't get gas at Sam's Club often, you might be a little confused the first time you pull in.

To help the flow of traffic move seamlessly, all cars enter Sam's Club gas stations through one entrance, pull forward to the pump of your choice and then continue forward to exit.

It’s actually pretty brilliant and really helps cars get in and out quickly. No cars pulling in from every direction or fighting for the next available pump. Just in and out.

This image will give you a better understanding of Sam's Club’s one direction pumping:

7 Things To Know Before You Buy Gas at Sam's Club (1)

5. Can only Sam's Club members get gas?

Sam's Club only allows members to get gas from their gas stations nationwide.

Here's the fine print right from Sam's Club website on Gas Station payment options:

7 Things To Know Before You Buy Gas at Sam's Club (2)

Check out the Sam's Club membership deals page to save on getting a membership!

6. Can you get gas at Sam's Club after hours?

Unfortunately no, as noted above the hours vary from store to store but for some who've hoped that Sam's Club was open 24 hours a day unfortunately that's not the case.

The standard Sam's Club gas hours Monday to Saturday 6am to 9pm and Sunday 9am to 7pm but as always, make sure you double check your gas station hours before going.

You can see the standard Sam's Club gas hours here.

7. Know gas sold at Sam's Club isn't top tier

You should know before buying gas from Sam's Club that the gas isn't top tier.

Unlike Costco, gas you're buying at Sam's Club isn't top tier. Keep in mind, this shouldn't worry you too much. it's actually pretty reassuring to know that many top gas stations like Marathon, Sunoco and Hess aren't top tier either but it's something everyone considering a Sam's Club membership for gas should know.

For the most part you'll be fine buying gas that isn't top tier from Sam's Club.

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Your turn: Do you think filling up at Sam's Club is worth it for you? How do you compare Sam's Club gas to gas stations nearby? Do you think an app like GasBuddy will help you save at the pump? We'd love to hear!

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7 Things To Know Before You Buy Gas at Sam's Club (2024)


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